Mt. Pleasant Rodeo Arena Director Chad Henry Talks Preparation

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The Mt. Pleasant Rodeo began on Thursday night and will continue on The Cowboy Channel through June 4.

On Thursday, Arena Director Chad Henry joined WSR as he put the finishing touches on the rodeo.

“We have it organized, kind of a first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter and then the two-minute warning there at the end,” Henry said. “We’re pretty organized on our to do list, what we have to do, so we’re at the two-minute warning right now, but we have everything ready and our gameplan, so we’re excited about it.”

The Mt. Pleasant Rodeo has been going on since 1965, but is in just its second year as PRCA rodeo.

“To make that leap, it has been just a true blessing to the community. Our community has supported us wholeheartedly and stood behind us,” Henry said. “It’s going faster than we think, $2,000 added last year, $4,000 added this year, we’ve just been super excited about everything that’s happening.”

Henry has one additional role in Mt. Pleasant, father to an NFR cowboy. His 21-year-old son Kincade finished No. 9 in the world last year and is considered something of a hometown hero in Mt. Pleasant.

“We live in such a great community here in rural Northeast Texas and they’ve just really gotten behind him,” Henry said. “It’s been a really true blessing and just an exciting time.”