Working Moms of Western Fashion

In honor of Mother’s Day, we caught up with Western Runway‘s Jessie Jarvis (@mrsjjarv) and Ashley Alderson (@ajalderson) to talk about their role as “Momma.” They tell us about their parenting styles, what their Mother’s Days typically look like, the rewards of being a mom, and the best piece of advice they got from their own mothers.

1. How would you describe your parenting style?

ASHLEY: I keep a pretty tight ship on the big things like words, helping out, kindness, and big picture life lessons. Follow-through is really big for me, and not making empty threats. But in reality, I’m a complete hot mess trying to keep everyone alive and fed.

JESSIE: It’s so hard to navigate parenting with a child who is only two, because most days, especially in the last couple of months we are in “survival mode”. That being said, raising a son who is kind, honest, has manners, and understands the value of hard work is something that’s really important to me. In my mind, the best way to instill those values into my child is in leading by example, and by being a parent who is loving and supportive, but firm when needed.

2. What does a typical Mother’s Day look like for your family?

ASHLEY: Mother’s Day is usually our family going to church and a nice lunch out, followed by our kids making pictures, finding weed flowers (AKA dandelions) or something sweet to share with me while my hubby turns his own Mother’s Day cards into 80’s country songs with his own lyric variations. He keeps us on our toes. There are still usually sibling battles to navigate in between me trying to take a nap or deciding what kind of fun thing our family will do outside together that day!

JESSIE: The past couple of years we’ve spent Mother’s Day making a garden center trip so we can get flowers for my flower beds. We always stop first at Starbucks, since it’s such a treat (we’re 50+ miles away from the closest Starbucks), and end the day by planting all our new flowers and BBQ-ing for dinner!

3. What do you find most rewarding about being a mom?

ASHLEY: I love seeing as our kids grow up that they understand some real-life, big picture concepts that we feel are so important. From their own understanding of faith, how to treat people, the importance of their mindset, and how they react to the world around them....seeing them learn and turn into good humans is so rewarding. But at the core, it’s really the snuggles. I’ll hug and kiss them forever, there is nothing that can replace that feeling.

JESSIE: Jhett’s age is so fun because he’s changing every single day, and he’s constantly wanting to learn new skills. What he picks up on and is able to retain is so mindblowing to me--he definitely keeps us on our toes!

4. What is the greatest thing you’ve learned/best advice you’ve gotten from your own mother?

ASHLEY: “Character is who you are in the dark.” She had such a great way of hearing me and talking to me when I was battling something growing up and finding a good way to bring it back to a life lesson.

JESSIE: My mom is one of the toughest, most determined ladies that I know! When it comes to ranching and being a Mom, I swear there’s nothing that she can’t do, and if she doesn’t know how she’s not going to let that stop her from figuring it out. She’s also one of the best cooks I have ever met, and is always the first person I call for advice in the kitchen!

Working Moms of Western Fashion
Jessie Jarvis and Family