Meet The 2021 Women’s Rodeo World Champion, Rainey Skelton

The Women’s Rodeo World Championship is just a month away and with this great event in conjunction with the PBR World Finals, there is a substantial amount of money to be made this May.

Barrel Racing Champion of 2021, Rainey Skelton, has quickly become a well-known name after winning $60,000 in last year’s Women’s Rodeo World Championship.

The Women’s Rodeo World Championship is the largest annual purse for women’s rodeo events and will pay out $750,000.

This event plays a huge role in the growth of women in rodeo and at just 18 years old, Skelton has seen firsthand some of these substantial developments. “There’s no telling how far this sport with women will go, its going to be exciting to see for sure”, Rainey says.

The Women’s Rodeo World Championship’s will take place in Fort Worth, Texas, May 16th-18th.