Larry Mahan: The Cowboy with a Perfect Plan

There are no doubts that Larry Mahan was passionate about the Western way of life and competing inside the arena. But one thing that some may or may not have known was that Mahan was a perfectionist and he always had a plan. Whether is was a roughstock event, cutting or team roping, Mahan made sure he got it right. His long list of accomplishments and Gold Buckles proves that he did just that.

Ty Murray’s first experience with Mahan’s perfectionist ways was when Murray was 13 years old and feeding horses at Mahan’s place. That day, Mahan showed Murray just how intricate his plans were that he would execute.

“I think that’s the degree that he would take things. A lot of people ask my why I think Larry was so great and I think it comes down to love. I think he loved the challenge of getting on bucking horses and bulls. And it seems like whenever you love something, truly love it… I don’t think you’re going to get to that level that he got to without that,” Murray said.

Pam Minick said those same planning strategies and that same love trickled into the cutting pen and the team roping arena. Mahan rode to win. He had excellent horsepower and practice skills, it was all a part of his plan.

“It was in everything he did. I think his life was planned out and we should all live our plan and live it to the fullest,” Minick said.

Some might say that Mahan was the perfect cowboy and you could go on to say that that might just have been his plan.