Kincade Henry Looks Back at Corpus Christi Win

Kincade Henry is a young tie-down roping phenom that is making a name for himself no matter where he goes. In Corpus Christi, Texas in the middle of June, he walked away with a huge win from the World Champions Rodeo Alliance Major Rodeo.

He went 7.4 in the Triple Crown Round but before that, he hustled to make it through the previous rounds. This particular format, there were qualifying rounds to get into the Shootout Round and Henry says he likes those, they are good for them and good for the fans.

This event win puts Henry on the board for a possible $1 million. In the WCRA, if you win three major rodeos in a row, you also win $1 million.

“I mean, a million dollars, I think everybody saw what happened with Shad whenever he won his million. All of his horsepower stepped up, everything, it projects you to a-whole-nother level to where you can buy nicer horses, better horses and all that so it was on my mind before I won Corpus Christi, of course,” Henry said.

He says that $1 million bonus is the reason why he goes to WCRA rodeos. Henry said that his mindset has changed a lot going into the summer rodeo swing and he has his sights set high.