Justin Sports Medicine Injury Update: Stetson Wright and Cody Webster

As Janie Johnson said, “It’s been a very busy day at Justin Sports Medicine at Cheyenne Frontier Days,” Saturday on Day 2 of the Semifinals.

During the bull riding, reigning World Champion Stetson Wright (after making it to the buzzer) collided with his bull and hit the ground hard. In his effort to protect the bull rider, bullfighter Cody Webster also took some hits — a hoof to the chest and to the face.

“Cody Webster is a phenomenal bullfighter, and if it wasn’t for him there would be more serious injuries to Stetson and the others out there,” said Rick Foster of Justin Sports Medicine, who gave us an update on their injuries after the rodeo.

Luckily, both will be ok and able to perform on Finals Sunday, despite possible concussions.

Of Stetson Foster said, “He’s just looking for his hat, and ready for to go back tomorrow.”