Josh Frost Has One Goal at the PBR World Finals

Josh Frost has come into the PBR World Finals fresh off of a massive win in Corpus Christi as he is your newest Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour Champion.

“It’s one of the checklists on the goals of a bull rider. I want to be remembered as one of the greatest to ever ride bulls and winning the Velocity Tour was one of the goals on that list,” he said.

Although his schedule is a little more hectic than most since he enters both PRCA and PBR’s, Frost knew he had to capitalize on the PBR events that he was willing to make. His main goal at the PBR World Finals is to win the average.

“I’m not really sitting well to win the World, I’ve just been going to the Velocitys. The goal is to qualify and go win the average at the PBR Finals. I talk about my list of goals and we’ve got the NFR Average Champion, we would love to come out as the Average Champion at the PBR Finals,” Frost said.

This is Frost’s second year to qualify for the PBR World Finals and he says this year, he is going to remember to have fun while he’s trying to go eight.