JJ Hampton Wears Many Hats Inside and Outside of the Arena

JJ Hampton is known for many things including her one of a kind roping skills and her world famous JJ jiggle, however, this cowgirl wears many hats outside of the arena as well.

Just before leaving the box Hampton settles herself into her stirrups with a quick shake as her signature move known as the “JJ jiggle.”

“If I’m not doing that then I’m not pushing on my legs and right now since I’m going to have my knee replaced its even more important for me to do it so that I’m pushing on it because it’s real easy for me to get off balance,” Hampton said.

Hampton’s success not only takes place inside the arena but outside as well. In 2000, Hampton began her career in real estate working closely under her mother and was able to open her own brokerage in June of 2016.

“I’m very tenacious in that as well, I don’t push people to buy and I’m not real aggressive with that but if you tell me you want something I’m going to get you in it, if there’s a problem I will figure out a way to fix it and that’s what I’m good at in real estate.”

Hampton not only strives for success in her business but also in her family. Hampton’s husband Ricky Prince in committed to helping her and their son Kason accomplish their rodeo dreams.

“He is the greatest guy that you would ever see, he drives me everywhere we go, drives Kason, my son, everywhere we go and works the chute for us almost every night...he is amazing I don’t think God could have picked me a better person.”

At 14-years-old Kason is now roping as well and with the help of Hampton’s nephew, 9-time NFR qualifier Marty Yates, his skills are progressing along with his love for the sport.