Isaac Diaz Is Two for Two on His Way to a Rodeo Triple Crown

Saddle bronc rider Isaac Diaz put an 80.5-point score on the board in the Triple Crown Rodeo Round of Rodeo Corpus Christi and ended up winning it all.

“It felt good. I knew that horse would give me a good shot to make a good ride. So all I could control was to try to make as flawless of a ride as I could. When I got off, I felt like I did my part, I couldn’t really tell how good of a day he was having so I watched the replay but I definitely didn’t think it was going to stick,” Diaz said.

This is the Stephenville, Texas cowboys second win on his way to possibly being the second man to win the Triple Crown of Rodeo and the $1 million. It all comes down to how the cards fall at Rodeo Carolina.