Graduation Cap Toppers


Whiskey Bound Leather Co. is a small custom leather business out of Yukon, OK. Owners Nick & Chelsi Alexander are the faces of the WB team. Their journey into leather began four years ago. They went into it blindly and did not know what they were doing whatsoever. They just knew that they were going to aim for the stars. They studied books, YouTube videos, and spoke to some of their fellow leatherworkers on different techniques. They learned the right and the wrong ways to do things and it has brought them extremely far. They have several new things coming, so stay up to date with them on Social Media.

“We started making the graduation caps to give high school and college seniors something to keep as a reminder of their accomplishment! We give the graduate the freedom to express their design ideas to incorporate their personal lifestyle, to be brought to life to show off on their cap. With the recent pandemic issue at hand, most schools have cancelled for the rest of the school year. For the class of 2020 they do not get the memory of walking across the stage with the people they have known for years. Graduation Cap Toppers would be a great gift for your graduating senior to remember that they did reach this great life accomplishment! They would have them to showcase as decor in their homes or even still in their professional senior photos. Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone effected during this time and we wish everyone success and good health! Feel free to reach out to us on Social Media if you have any questions on designing a Graduation Cap! Best Wishes to all!” - -The WB team , Nick & Chelsi.

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