Female Athlete of the Week: Kelsie Domer Throws A Record Breaking Loop in San Antonio

Kelsie Domer AOW

Kelsie Domer is a nine-time World Champion so it came as no surprise when she stopped the clock with a sub-2 second run in San Antonio. What brought the crowd on their feet was that it was a record breaking 1.6 -second run to go down in the history book with the arena record.

Domer got faster with every round, however, a broken barrier costed her tying the arena record in Round 2. Round 3 came around and the Texas cowgirl threw down to taste redemption in a big way.

She is the No. 1 breakaway roper moving on from Bracket 4 in San Antonio with $2,000 added to her earnings and she is the No. 1 breakaway roper to ever throw a loop inside AT&T Center making her your Female Athlete of the Week.