Dusty Tuckness gives Update as he Returns to Bull Fighting in Reno

Dusty Tuckness is back in the arena after suffering a scary leg injury at the 2021 NFR. Tuckness has been out since mid-December but made it a point to get back for the summer run, and he did just that last night at the Reno Xtreme Bulls.

Tuckness knew it would be an uphill battle to make his return saying, “It has been a rocky road, it has definitely been a mountain to climb. The day it happened I was accepting of the challenge and accepted what happened and knew it was all going to be worth it when we got back. This is where we are kicking it off.”

The recovery was long, and at times frustrating for Tuckness, but he knew the summer run was an attainable goal for a return.

“I believed every day that I would wake up and walk. That was the faith that I wanted to have through it all. It obviously took a little longer than I expected but you have to take time and take the good days and the bad days. This is part of the sport. I definitely wanted to be back for the summer run.”