Dean Thompson on Facing the Uncertainty of a Rookie Year

This Utah cowboy comes from a family of boys, Dean Thompson knows how to face a challenge head on and has spent his rookie year with that in mind. When he looks back at his permit season, one of the perks is not having to think toward making the NFR at the end of the season.

“More than anything now, I’d say I’m enjoying learning to step into the uncertainty because when you’re a rookie and you’re a guy who really is looking to make it to the finals, you’re always looking for certainty to make you feel good and it seems like just recently I’ve been learning how to step into it and enjoy that part of it,” Thompson said.

With a talented rookie class this year in the bareback event, Thompson is proud to be among athletes with so much to offer to the future of this sport. For him, it is surreal to be competing against the athletes who have already made the finals, along with the previous year’s top 15.

“The top 15 from last year, it’s not like they’re just going to step back and give everybody their spot so you’re already fighting with them and now you’re fighting with all these young guys…I think it’s pretty fun,” said Thompson.

Going back to how Thompson felt going into Fort Worth this year for the Resistol Rookie Roundup, he was quickly humbled by the outcome of his rides. “That’s when I learned that rodeo is such a humbling sport and how important it is to be humbled, and still try to not let it humble you too much,” said Thompson.

He picked himself back up after his time in Fort Worth and moved down the road to San Antonio and Houston. Only to find out later on that he had been on more than ten horses without bringing home a check, but quickly learned the difference that his mindset played in not allowing that to effect his performance.

“That’s what having a good attitude and a positive mindset does. What some would say was a slump, I didn’t even know I was in it,” said Thompson.

Looking ahead at his goals for this year and the upcoming rodeos throughout the season, Thompson plans to devote his energy to doing his job, making the finals, and making a name for himself along the way. Following in the footsteps of cowboys like Kaycee Field and Larry Mahan, he has a bright future and great examples of what true cowboys should be.

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