Cole Reiner’s First Ride of 2023 Results in Round Win in Fort Worth

Cole Reiner’s first ride of 2023 was a good one as he placed first in the round on the opening night of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

Reiner went 86.5 points on Joe Dirt to get the win in Round 1 of Bracket 1.

Reiner and Joe Dirt have matched up before, but in their first out, things didn’t go so well for Cole.

“That horse bucked me off my permit year in Sydney, Montana and the flank man hasn’t stopped giving me a hard time all night. I had to kind of get him back and I owed him that one for sure.”

Reiner is back at it tonight in hopes of advancing out of Bracket 1 in Fort Worth. Also riding tonight will be 2022 World Champion Jess Pope.