Cheyenne Wimberley’s Talks Growing Up in Professional Rodeo and Horsepower on Her Equinety Barn Check

For five-Time NFR Barrel Racer Cheyenne Wimberley, horsepower is everything.

For five-time National Finals Rodeo barrel racer, Cheyenne Wimberley, her life was filled with horses from the very beginning. Her family was into race horses and for Wimberley, that meant riding before walking.

“We were just around horses all day everyday. That was the family business, pretty much my babysitter was a horse,” Wimberley said.

Her mother was a barrel racer and her father team roped. Wimberley dove right onto the rodeo road with her parents because at the time, there was no age limit, resulting in her permit being filled by age ten.

“I had a great horse at that time that allowed us great avenues and I rodeoed really young. We were fortunate and sometimes you never run into another horse of that caliber, I mean, there truly are once in a lifetime horses,” she said.

After taking a two decade long hiatus after her first NFR’s in 1997 and 1998, Wimberely made her return to professional rodeo and we see her come down the alley today on horses like Chewy.

Wimberely takes us on an Equinety Barn Check to give us a glimpse at a little bit more of her program.