Chase Brooks Gets Huge Win in San Antonio on Frontier Rodeo’s Big News

Saddle bronc rider Chase Brooks and Frontier Rodeo’s Big News teamed up to get a huge win in San Antonio. The two went toe-to-toe to be 86.5 points and win Round 1 of Bracket 5 by five points and Brooks cashed in on the $2,500.

“I’ve drawn him in the tenth round at the Finals and I knew he was going to be one of the top end of the night and as long as I didn’t mess it up I had a good shot and it was sweet. It felt amazing,” Brooks said.

Getting on a horse of that caliber at a rodeo like San Antonio only gets sweeter when you are a new Texas resident with family on their way to watch.

Brooks won the round while Spencer and Stu Wright tied for second and Wyatt Casper and Jake Watson split fourth.