Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi Secures Another Win at Cinch Playoffs

Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi turned in the fastest run of the entire week at the Cinch Playofs in Puyalluo to add another title to her resume as she sits No. 1 in the World Standings with over $230,000 in total earnings for the season.

A blazing fast run of 13.99 seconds in the Final Round cinched Tonozzi the No. 1 spot in Puyallup alongside fellow Top 15 cowgirls Emily Beisel, Jessica Routier and Taycie Matthews.

Earlier in the day, Pozzi Tonozzi also matched the fastest run of the rodeo with a 14.07-second run in the Semifinals. It was her 14th win during 100 Rodeos in 100 Days, which began on June 15.

Tonozzi pulled a check for a total of $18,863 while in Washington and is moving full speed ahead toward the NFR.