Barrel Racing Icon Lisa Lockhart Reflects on Being a Part of Rodeo History with Patrick Gottsch

Lisa Lockhart has claimed three American Rodeo titles and the first came at the inaugural event at AT&T Stadium.

In 2014, Patrick Gottsch and Randy Bernard’s dream came to life when the bucking chutes were loaded and horses were warming up at the first ever American Rodeo. It would be the richest one day rodeo in the World. The legend that is Lisa Lockhart and Louie would claim the title that year in the barrel racing.

“It was amazing. It did not disappoint and here we are today, the event just keeps growing and we’re still thankful for that vision that they had,” Lockhart said.

Although Lockhart was not eligible for the groundbreaking $1 million, she says she was on the edge of her seat the entire time and watching bareback rider Richie Champion win that cash prize was unforgettable. It was a game changing rodeo that is one of Lockhart’s favorites to this day and she has gone on to be a three-time American Rodeo Champion.

Patrick’s lack of fear in taking chances has resulted in a decade full of incredible rodeo action that is described as a David and Goliath event.