Barrel Racer Bayleigh Choate Wins $29,500 at Rodeo Corpus Christi

Choate has entered a PRCA rodeo this year, but dominated in the WCRA

Bayleigh Choate made her fastest run of Rodeo Corpus Christi in the Triple Crown Round during a week that was full of fast runs for her.

Choate finished second and first in the first two Progressive Rounds, the latter of which coming thanks to a 14.394-second run, to win the Progressive Average and bank $14,500 before Championship Saturday.

For all of the marbles, she took advantage of the top of the ground and made a 14.358-second run to win $15,000 more.

“This is so special, I took a break from rodeo and I came back and I’m so thankful,” she said. “All I can say is we serve a mighty God and He’s the reason I am here and he’s the reason I get to ride that horse and I’m just so thankful.”