Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins Continue to Dominate in Team Roping

Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins are on a tear in 2023, reflected by their No. 1 position in Team Roping. The duo dominated the first Semifinal in San Antonio, winning the round by over a full second.

Andrew Ward was quick to credit his roping partner and a bit of good fortune for their success in the Semifinal.

“I think good teamwork, we are drawing good, we are drawing good, our horses are working good, and you know a little bit of favor tonight I thought I left a little bit early and got out.”

Buddy Hawkins says they knew they had to be fast but also had to be clean to ensure they moved on.

“You never underestimate any of these guys, we have already narrowed the field and a whole bunch of good guys have already been eliminated and it’s just the guys who are roping good being left... it’s important to be aggressive.”

The two will look to extend their lead over the rest of the standings later this weekend in the Finals.