5 T-Shirts Your Tiny Cowgirl Needs

When you think of shirts that say “Feed me and tell me I’m pretty,” or “I ain’t nobody’s buckle bunny,” or even “Dibs on the Cowboy,” your first thought probably isn’t “let’s put that on a baby shirt!”

Enter Baby B’s Southern Boutique.

Owner Mariah Alena Schafer has created a full line of adorably sassy graphic t-shirts for babies. Here are some of our favorites...

babybssouthernboutique ITS

Aren’t we all here for the Wrangler butts?

babybssouthernboutique Ain’t

So. Much. Sass. “Ain’t nobody’s buckle bunny” has never looked cuter.

babybssouthernboutique Mama

“Mama warned me about cowboys” early on in life sounds the perfect start to a love story in 20 years.

babybssouthernboutique Feed

If “Feed me and tell me I’m pretty” isn’t an entire mood, we don’t know what is.

babybssouthernboutique Summer

“Summer nights and arena lights” are what dreams are made of.

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