Wyatt Casper Claims Second Xtreme Broncs Finale Title After Two Remarkable Rides in Rapid City

Wyatt Casper had the kind of performance at the Xterme Broncs Finale that bronc riders dream of. He split the win in the Long Round before making the high marked ride of the night to win the Short Round and cash in a very big pay day.

It was an 89-point ride on Night Latch of Beutler & Son Rodeo in the Long Round that earned his place in the Short Round where he matched up with the coveted Straight Jacket of J Bar J to be 92 points.

Injuries have made Casper’s 2023 season a roller coaster but after letting his torn hamstring heal, the Texas bronc rider is back. He says it has taken a while to get back in the groove, after the Xtreme Broncs Finale, he might just be there.

“Rodeo’s been such a blessing for my life and for my family and I appreciate everybody that comes out here and supports and all these great committees, putting on these outstanding events,” Casper said.

Casper is now a two-time Xtreme Broncs Finale Champion, and it added over $30,000 to his earnings taking him from No. 18 in the World to No. 9 has he heads into the final month of the season.