WPRA Barrel Racing Standings Updates: Wenda Johnson Gains Momentum in The Golden State



The California run is in full swing and these cowgirls aren’t missing a beat as they lay down some fast times to quickly climb the WPRA Barrel Racing Standings. Wenda Johnson, Shelley Morgan and Summer Kosel are just a few of the ladies that took advantage of the money up for grabs in The Golden State and it paid off as they are all now sitting Top 20 in the World Standings.

No. 9 Wenda Johnson, $33,396

Wenda Johnson propelled her way up the standings as she jumped from No.19 to No. 9 in just two weeks after pulling a substantial check from the Clovis Rodeo. Johnson and her equine partner Mac secured the first place Average check in Clovis after turning in the fastest runs of both Rounds 1 and 2, adding a total of $9,447 to her earnings.

No. 13 Shelley Morgan, $32,211

Four-time NFR qualifier Shelley Morgan is currently sitting within the Top 15 of the WPRA Standings as she moved from No. 18 to No. 13 after placing in the Average at the Clovis Rodeo and the Red Bluff Round-Up. Morgan pulled a check for $3,742 in Red Bluff as she placed fifth in the Average with 34.85 seconds on two head. The cowgirl stayed consistent in California as she secured another check at the Clovis Rodeo where she placed fourth with an aggregate time of 51.47 to take home a check for over $3,800.

No. 19 Summer Kosel, $27,362

Summer Kosel has situated herself within the Top 20 of the WPRA Standings as she has collected over $27,300 in earnings with the help of two checks she secured while taking on the California Run with her equine partner Apollo. Kosel turned in a 16.83-second run to finish second in Round 2 of the Clovis Rodeo where she pulled a check for $2,254. The Red Bluff Round-Up was also a success for the cowgirl as she claimed the No. 4 spot in the Average with 34.83 on three head. Kosel added just under $6,000 to her earnings in Red Bluff and now sits No. 19 in the Standings.

Here is a look at your Top 20 barrel racers in the WPRA World Standings.

World Rank Name Earnings
1.Jordon Briggs$87,894
2.Kassie Mowry$65,264
3.Jackie Ganter$50,368
4.Sissy Winn$48,563
5.Hailey Kinsel$43,259
6.Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi$43,035
7.Molly Otto $38,621
8.Jimmie Smith-Tew$35,658
9.Wenda Johnson$33,396
10.Kelly Allen $33,387
11.Dona Kay Rule$32,725
12.Margo Crowther$32,448
13.Shelley Morgan$32,211
14.Jessica Routier$31,866
15.Lisa Lockhart$31,680
16.Sara Winkelman$28,812
17.Ilyssa Riley $28,016
18.Taycie Matthews $27,451
19.Summer Kosel$27,362
20.Emily Beisel$26,005

Standings via WRPA are current as of 11 AM ET on May 3.