Would You Rather: Bull Riders Edition

While joining us on our Tailgate Party pre-show at the Cheyenne Frontier Days, bull riding traveling partners Trey Benton lll and Laramie Mosely play a round of Would You Rather

The bull riders answer all of host Janie Johnson’s hard hitting questions, such as “Would you rather travel in the camper or van,” and “Would you rather not shower for a week or have to sneak into a hotel.”

The game ends on a question for Laramie — who is looking to make his first NFR this year, and if he does, will be have the honor of participating in the bull riders’ initiation. It usually involves riding in a costume or getting a haircut by your fellow bull riders, and Janie asks Laramie if he would rather ride in the unicorn helmet or have his head completely shaved.

As one of the first ones to be initiated at his inaugural NFR in 2012, Trey goes on to explain how it became an ongoing tradition amongst the bull riders. “The whole deal about it is, as a rookie going to the NFR, your nerves are up, your heart rate is out of control,” says Trey, “and then when something like that happens, you’re like, Well, What’s left? Just bull riding at the NFR. It kind of relieves pressure. ...”