World Champion Bullfighter Rob Smets Had a Front Row Seat to Some of Rodeo’s Most Iconic and Historic Moments

While five-time World Champion Bullfighter Rob Smets was writing his own name in history he was also a part of other rodeo athlete’s and their undeniably historic events.

Smets was fighting bulls in the arena when Lane Frost finally made the eight on the rankest of rank bulls, Red Rock. He watched Little Yellow Jacket and Pacific Bell get covered. Smets was one of many bull fighters that were there for Tuff Hedeman’s unforgettable hang up in 1990 during Round 7 of the National Finals Rodeo.

Among Smets’ top ranking bull riders you can find Jim Sharp, Don Gay and Tuff Hedeman. By fighting bulls for some of the toughest cowboys, Smets found himself in a front row seat to history.