Wesley Thorp on the Team Roping Buddy System


World Champion Wesley Thorp explains the PRCA’s buddy system and why it’s so beneficial for team ropers.

THE COWBOY CHANNEL: Can you explain the buddy system that the PRCA has organized for Team Ropers?

WESLEY THORP: It’s a cool system that lets you enter with another team. This allows us to coordinate travel and work together on preferences and trades. Often times we need horses in a couple different places at the same time, so it helps with rig coordination, charter flight expenses, and being able to mount out when we are spread thin.

TCC: Your roping with Chad Masters, who is your buddy team?

WT: We buddy with Luke Brown and Patrick Smith

TCC: When is it most advantageous to use the buddy system?

WT: Summer is the most common time for it to come in handy. That is when we are traveling more. We may be on one side of the US today and the other side tomorrow.

TCC: When you talk about entering based on your preferences, do you mean dates, perfs, slacks, etc.

WT: Yes, the preference is what works for the ideal travel and getting to the most rodeos in the most efficient way.

TCC: With the 2020 schedule becoming what it has become, has it been easier or more challenging to get your rigs and horses in the right place at the right time?

WT: I’d like to say it’s easier because there are a lot less rodeos to choose from, but on the other hand the rodeos are much more spread out and we can’t afford to miss one. We’ve been going to a lot of rodeos that we’ve never been to before. I’d say its trickier this year.


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