Uvalde Qualifier Sharin Hall Makes Fastest Run of San Antonio Rodeo

Sharin Hall made it to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo the hard way - through the first ever qualifier event in Uvalde, which concluded on Jan. 14.

Hall made sure to make it count when she got to run in the AT&T Center as she has now made $7,500 after winning Semifinal 2 with a 13.66, the fastest time of the rodeo.

Afterward, she was bursting with pride for her horse Hello Stella.

“She continues to amaze me every run, I cry after almost every run I make on her, I’m so thankful,” she said. “To be here, is really special.”

Hall blew the rest of the field away, winning by almost four tenths of a second. The other four finalists from Semifinal 2 competing Saturday night for the Championship are Dona Kay Rule, Emily Beisel, Jordon Briggs and Sissy Winn, all of whom made the 2022 NFR.