Trevor Brazile Talks Stetson Wright and Winning Triple Crowns

Trevor Brazile blazed a trail that many thought would be untouchable and hold records for years to come. That was until Stetson Wright took professional rodeo by storm.

With the elevation that has recently been brought to the sport of rodeo, Brazile says a guy like Wright is mentally and physically ahead of the game.

“His talent and skill is just unmatched right now and that’s just fun to watch in itself. And then to know that he’s taking advantage of all these other benefits right now, it’s a great time to be Stetson Wright, that’s for sure,” he said.

If you ask Jeff Medders, Wright brings the same level of excitement to the National Finals that Brazile did and Brazile agrees.

“This is an All-Around topic, this is not roughstock, this is not timed event, but like, he has a chance to win a Triple Crown in the saddle bronc, bull riding and the All-Around and I’ve done a couple Triple Crowns in a different area of events and there have been some past champions do it. But nobody’s ever done it in those two events and the All-Around and so he Has another record yet to set,” Brazile said.

It comes down to something more than that. A Triple Crown win means you won it all, it gives a feeling that you did not fall short in any of your events. Brazile says that winning the Triple Crown is one of the few times that Al-Around competitors get to feel perfection.