Trevor Brazile Highlights Patrick Gottsch’s Immeasurable Impact on Rodeo

26-time World Champion Trevor Brazile praises Patrick’s bold initiatives and unwavering determination

Trevor Brazile, a legendary figure in rodeo and 26-time World Champion, reflects the immense impact Patrick Gottsch, founder of The Cowboy Chanel, has had on the sport. Brazile emphasized how Gottsch’s daring vision and business insights have revolutionized the industry. He noted that Gottsch’s ventures, like The American Rodeo and the growth of rodeo television coverage, have profoundly changed the game.

Brazile recounted the skepticism that surrounded the inaugural American rodeo event, a $1 million one-day competition. Despite doubts, Gottsch’s unwavering determination brought the event to life, setting a new standard in the rodeo world. This bold move not only proved successful but also paved the way for future innovations in the sport.

According to Brazile, Gottsch’s most significant contribution lies in his development of The Cowboy Channel and his work with RFD-TV. The platforms which have dramatically expanded the reach of rodeo, bringing the sport to a broader audience than ever before. Brazile pointed out that today’s rodeo athletes benefit greatly from this increased exposure, often without fully realizing the extent of Gottsch’s influence.

Reflecting on the advancements in rodeo, Brazile made it clear that Gottsch’s vision and grit were crucial in shaping the current landscape. He stressed that the success and visibility that today’s rodeo stars enjoy are direct results of Gottsch’s efforts. For Brazile and many others in the rodeo community, Patrick Gottsch stands as a pivotal figure whose contributions have forever transformed the sport.

The Gottsch family has asked that, in lieu of flowers, memorial gifts in Patrick’s honor be made to the National FFA Foundation.