Top-Ranked Rookie Bull Rider Jestyn Woodward Talks Recent Success and More on WSR

Jestyn Woodward is No. 1 in the Resistol Rookie Bull Riding World Standings and No. 5 overall and for him, winning Rookie of the Year would be extra special because he wants to bring it back to his home state.

“Nobody from South Dakota has won it for a long time, my dad’s old traveling partner won it when they were younger, so it’d just be cool to being it to South Dakota,” he said.

Woodward has only recently become No. 1 in the rookie race, he rode six consecutive bulls to start May, something he credits to a change in his bull rope.

“My rope was getting really worn out on me, I got a stiffer handle and it just helped be able to sit up a lot better and try with my driving arm, which helped me finish my rides,” he said.

The 19-year-old explained that it has always been important to him that his spurs, helmet and rope were fitted perfectly to him.

In addition to his change of equipment, Woodward also owes his success to his father, who was his first coach, and his friend Wacey Schalla, whose family took Woodward in Oklahoma and introduced him to Cody Custer when he wanted to take his riding to another level his junior year of high school.

“Just being around a bunch of new people and getting to learn a whole new aspect and different ways to ride, I really benefited when I went to Wacey’s house.”