Tie-Down Ropers Taylor Santos and Tom Crouse Split Round 3 in San Antonio

With a pair of 8.4-second runs, Taylor Santos and Tom Crouse split the Round 3 win of Bracket 3 in San Antonio.

For Crouse, it came down to this final round. He missed his first two calves and made up for it in a big way with a calf that went to the left and Crouse successfully made a ddifficult throw.

“I just roped him over my horse’s neck and he was really good after that,” Crouse said.

Meanwhile, Santos has pulled a check in every round of the bracket and is the No. 1 calf roper coming back to the Semifinals.

“That mare that Rusty and Chissom Allen own, she’s unbelievable. They let me borrow her in ‘21 and I made the finals on her and I rode her a little bit last summer and it seems like everytime I get on her, it kind of boosts my confidence and usually gets momentum going every time I ride her,” Santos said about his equine partner.

Both Crouse and Santos cashed in $2,250 from this round win however, Santos is the only one of the two moving on to the Semifinals. Joining him will be Quade Hiatt, Chet Weitz and Luke Potter.