Leighton Berry followed up an 83.5 point ride in round one in Reno with an 84.5 point ride in the second round. Berry now sits in fourth place on aggregate after the two rides.

After his ride, Berry spoke about the opportunity ahead of him this summer.

"Every time I come to this rodeo a new feeling comes over me. It's the beginning of the summer. Come get on some great horses in front of a great crowd, I mean come on Reno."

Berry was matched up with Barracuda, who RC Landingham rode for 86.5 points earlier in the rodeo, and while Berry thinks Landingham rode the bronc better, both posted solid scores.

"I think RC rode him better than I did, but hey if you make them look tougher sometimes you are more points.

Berry is 168.5 on two head, currently good for fourth place on aggregate in Reno.