Hailey Kinsel is the reigning champion of the Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo and it is clear why. Not only is Kinsel’s main mount, Sister, loving it per usual but the duo is getting faster and faster with every run they make.

Kinsel won the rodeo with aggregate time of 34.22 seconds. She was 17.19 in Round 1 and 17.03 in Round 2 and took second in both rounds. Last year, she split the title with Jordon Briggs. 

“She loves Guymon so we’re going to come back every year. This was the first rodeo that I took her to that was a big, outdoor pen when she was six… to test out if she liked outdoor pens,” Kinsel said.

Since then, Sister has proved that she loves her job no matter the setup, however, she thrives in the big outdoor pens and on their summer run that they are getting ready for.

With Mother’s Day being Sunday, Kinsel traded to Friday’s performance to be able to go home and celebrate the woman who made all of this possible. Kinsel says that she wouldn’t be who she is and Sister wouldn’t be the horse she is if it wasn’t for her mother, Leslie.