Amanda Coleman became the first-ever Breakaway Roping Champion at the Clovis Rodeo after going 15.3 seconds on four head. After the rodeo, she spoke with Amy Wilson about the difficulties of the Clovis format.

"Normally they have a number on their ear tag and you draw their number. So on a short round like today, you can go watch your runs, ask who has had them, and know what he does. I don't mind it because they were walking fresh so just stay behind the barrier, go catch them, and do my job."

Coleman quickly praised her horsepower, "It is amazing. You have to have a good horse and they have to be on the same team as you. He makes it pretty easy."

Coleman is well inside the top-15 in the World Standings and is looking to continue her great season.

"It's crazy I just, like I said, roping and walking fresh at rodeos like this is just crazy and I want to thank Clovis for giving us the opportunity."