The 2021 season ended with a scare for fan-favorite Bull Fighter Dusty Tuckness. He suffered a serious leg injury at the 2021 NFR and had surgery on his leg that night. According to Justin Sports Medicine Program Manager Jill Miller, Tuckness is doing well and planning on going back in next week to get supporting screws put in his injured leg to promote quicker healing and give more stability to the repaired leg. 

Miller asked Tuckness what he is looking at for a return date she was told Tuckness said, "It is God's timing when I will be back, but I am hoping for late spring."

Another injury that occurred at the 2021 NFR was to Taylor Broussard, who injured his shoulder. Broussard tore his rotator cuff, had a labrum injury and believes he has a torn bicep. The injury occurred to his free arm in the third round of the NFR. Broussard said he hopes to be back in time for Calgary.

Bull Rider Dustin Boquet injured his left arm at the NFR and opted to not have surgery for the injury. Boquet is shooting for April to come back and is taking advantage of his time off, telling Miller, "You know Jill, I am staying home healing up and enjoying some time off with a lot of duck hunting."

Bull Rider Braden Richardson suffered broken ribs at the NFR in the sixth round. Richardson has just started working out and is hoping to be up in Columbus for the Cinch World's Toughest Rodeo and then the XTreme Bulls event in Fort Worth the week following.