Stockyard Sessions: Cameron Sacky on How He Formed His Band and More

After forming about four years ago, the Cameron Sacky Band has already gathered hundreds of thousands of listeners nationwide

The Cameron Sacky Band’s roots can be traced back to Texas State, where Cameron Sacky himself began working on music with classmate and now lead guitarist Mason Lee.

Sacky, a Corpus Christi native, says they actually were making the music together before the idea for a band even came together.

They’ve since added Cris Martinez and Jack Barbee on bass and Bruce Lee on drums, producing a classic, genre-bending sound that is difficult to pindown.

For Sacky, it doesn’t matter how the music is classified, he and his bandmates just have a blast making it.

TCC: This is your first time playing here right?

CS: Yes, first time playing in the Stockyards, second time playing in Fort Worth.

TCC: How does it feel to be here? How excited are you?

CS: Very excited, we got a lot of friends here playing. We got a lot of fans pulling and first time playing (Fort Worth Music Festival). So, very exciting. There’s gotta be close to 100 (artists playing).

TCC: Tell me about you, tell me about your band, what got you started?

CS: I started going to school at Texas State and that’s where I met Mason, our lead guitar player. And then we kind of started our own little music project. We kind of started the music before we started the band. We just kept going at it, we started adding guys. We got our drummer and it’s just been a process. We’re enjoying what we do.

TCC: I know earlier you said it’s hard to describe the music you guys make, but if I made you do it, how would you describe it.

CS: If you made me do it again, I’d hate you. I guess I’d just describe it as alternative country or blues.

TCC: You know how I would describe your music? I think you sound like an exact mix of Parker McCollum and Michael Buble.

CS: Wow, I’ve never heard that combination before. That’s sweet, I can appreciate it. I mean who doesn’t like some Michael Buble. And Parker, that’s obvious.

TCC: What does your process for making music look like? Is it a lot of team work or someone has an idea you roll with it?

CS: If someone has good idea, we’ll roll with it. I like to write a lot, I like to get creative and just start coming up with stuff with my guitar and then I’ll make a really bad demo of it, send it to the guys and they’re like ‘okay, let’s make this better now.’ And then we’ll either jam the songs or record the demo until we get to the studio. And sometimes we’ll let fans hear it live before we even get in the studio.

TCC: What does life outside of music look like?

CS: Outside of music, me and the guys stick together. We’re definitely one of the bands that’s not just business, we all love to hang and we’ll go float the river together or just hang out and a have good time. I love those guys.

TCC: If you had to pin down one of your favorite moments with your band, what would it be?

CS: That’s a good question, it’s probably just every moment that we’re being total goofballs. When we’re on the way to the next venue and we’re just cracking jokes, cutting each other down. It’s how we stay moving. We’ve had too many good times to count.

TCC: What’s your favorite on the road food, snack or place to eat?

CS: Chick Fil A is probably go to, but if I had to say favorite, I’d say seafood. If we’re eating out big, if the venue gives us some good money for some dinner, then we’re going to go somewhere nice.

TCC: What’s been your favorite place to play?

CS: One time this family from Buffalo, New York found us on either Instagram or Tik Tok and they liked our music so much they flew us out there for a private show. And we played for them and they took us to a Buffalo Bills game. It was really nice, that’s probably my personal favorite. As a band, we sold out Gruene Hall the first time (we played there). And that was a milestone. It was such a big satisfaction. Gruene Hall is a historic venue.

TCC: What else should people know about the Cameron Sacky Band?

CS: We’re just being ourselves, being human, doing what we love and just trying to stay in line just like the rest of us.

Parts of this interview have been condensed for clarity. You can follow the Cameron Sacky Band on social media here and listen to their music here.