Stetson Wright Rides for 90.5 in Short Round to Seal Ellensburg Saddle Bronc Riding Win

No. 2 ranked saddle bronc rider Stetson Wright rode The Calgary Stampede’s Business Girl for 90.5 points in the Finals to bring his two-head total to 177.5 points in Ellensburg and win the title.

"(I couldn’t ask for) nothing more really, when you win you can’t complain about anything,” he said of his horse. “She was really good...Ryder and Spencer had me to a couple of things as far as saddling her, I mean I haven’t seen her buck that good in a long time.”

Wright was six points clear of the rest of the field as Top 20 cowboys Damian Brennan, Tanner Butner and Ryder Sanford all shared second with 171.5 points.

Wright also won the Ellensburg Xtreme Bulls earlier in the week and the all-around. He has made $449,000 this season across bronc riding and bull riding.