Shaya Biever Takes Over No. 1 Spot In Resistol Rookie Breakaway Standings

Canadian cowgirl Shaya Biever has taken over the No. 1 spot in the Resistol Breakaway Roping with $25,836 in earnings.

Biever roped on her permit in 2022 and took advantage of that time as she adjusted to the world of professional rodeo before purchasing her card for the 2023 season.

At 23 years old, Biever has competed throughout her home country of Canada as well as the United States where she has won multiple rodeos including the Killdeer Breakaway Roping where she tied for the top spot with a run of 1.9 seconds.

Biever cashed in with another championship title in Regina, SK as she cinched her second consecutive win at the Pile O’ Bones Rodeo after stopping the clock at 1.8 seconds.

Biever is on the road to accomplishing her goals this year as she works towards a second Canadian Finals qualification as well as a spot within the Top 40 in hopes of a chance in competing in the winter rodeos for 2023.