Shad Mayfield Smokes the Triple Crown of Rodeo Round in Corpus Christi to be Crowned the Champion

Shad Mayfield kept things consistent at Rodeo Corpus Christi making two sub 8-second runs to claim the title and earn the sought after surfboard that comes with it.

First, it was a 7.75 in Saturday’s Showdown that moved him on to the Triple Crown of Rodeo Roun, and there he stopped the clock at 7.98 seconds to be your champion by four seconds.

For Mayfield, it would not be possible without hia steady flow of horsepower.

“Oh man, that horse means everything to me. No one really knows everything we’ve gone through this year and all the struggles we’ve been through. That horse has got me through a lot and helped me overcome so much,” he said.

To add to it, Mayfield’s support system in Corpus Christi included his best friend, who Mayfield says is part of what helped him not only get this win, but get out a slump as well.