Saddle Bronc Rider Sterling Crawley and Pete Carr’s Secret Agent Match Up in Weatherford

Saddle bronc rider Sterling Crawley had a rematch at the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse Frontier Days and Rodeo, Secret Agent of Pete Carr Pro Rodeo, and in Weatherford, the horse made a completely different trip with the Texas cowboy than she did in San Antonio.

“Oh yeah, the last time I had her in San Antone, she’d gone to the finals in the semi-eliminator pen. Today she felt like a two pen, TV pen, awesome, hopping horse. It was really exciting, a lot of fun and, like you said, it’s always great when it goes that direction,” he said.

Secret Agent’s timing during this ride is what Crawley says bronc riders dream of. The two matched up to be 86.5-points and add almost $2,000 to Crawley’s season earnings.