Rookie Jack Gilmore Pushes Out Vets to Win Day 6 in Cheyenne

Competing in Cheyenne on his permit, rookie bull rider Jack Gilmore got one check closer to earning his card on Thursday, winning the sixth go-round at The Dad.

Going up against the likes of World Champion Shane Proctor, 2X PBR World Champion JB Mauney and other Top 15s such as Clayton Sellars, Boudreaux Campbell and Creek Young, Gilmore outrode them all.

He notched 86 points on Universal Pro Rodeo’s Chan Man to take the round and advance to the Semifinals.

“I had no idea what to expect, but it’s unreal,” Jack said.

While competing at The Daddy of em All for the first time means a lot to him, he said, “but at the end, you gotta look at it as just another rodeo. I mean, I’m blessed to be here, and I can’t thank everybody enough for getting me here.”



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