Rookie Bull Riders Lukasey Morris & Jack Gilmore Take Redding Xtreme Bulls By Storm

It was a night full of impressive bull riders in Redding but it was two young guns, Lukasey Morris and Jack Gilmore, who walked away the Champions.

Morris was the match up of the night with Bridwell Pro Rodeo’s Louisiana Lightning, a bull that he knew bucked hard. Morris went back to the basics and had fun to get this Redding Xtreme Bulls win and it was extra special.

“I’ve never done any good at Xtreme bulls and I had to watch 20 more guys go that I knew ride pretty good, it was pretty nerve wracking,” Morris said.

Gilmore is a name that some might recognize from his success on his permit. He now sits No. 3 in the Resistol Rookie Standings and with this Xtreme Bulls win he added over $4,500 to his earnings.

“It felt amazing and couldn’t have happened at a better time,” Gilmore said.

Both Rookies, Morris and Gilmore are battling for their chance at the National Finals Rodeo but for now, they split the win and the silver spurs from the Redding Xtreme Bulls.


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