RodeoHouston: Super Series II

RodeoHouston SS2.jpg

RodeoHouston Super Series I saw high scores in the roughstock aboard some of Calgary Stampede’s standout bucking horses while the ladies of the WPRA have left it all in the arena every night. Super Series II has arrived and can be expected to bring the same electric energy from some of rodeo’s best.


Garrett Shadbolt will go toe-to-toe with J Bar J’s Delta Hawk for the third time. This is the horse that he was 87 points on earlier this year in Fort Worth and he rode for 85 points in 2022. Leighton Berry has drawn J Bar J’s Stacked Deck, a horse that has been bucking in the saddle bronc riding according to PRCA.

Trenton Montero
Waylon Bourgeois
Cole Reiner
Cole Franks
Ty Taypotat
Bill Tutor
Garrett Shadbolt
Leighton Berry


Jesse Brown is coming to Houston hot off a big win in San Antonio and he usually has one of the top bull dogging horses in the game, Curtis Cassidy’s Tyson. After a less thane exciting trip to Houston in 2022, Brown is gunning for more.

Stephen Culling
Tanner Milan
Jesse Brown
Stockton Graves
Talon Roseland
Cimarron Thompson
Tucker Allen
Bridger Anderson


Also coming to Houston fresh off a San Antonio win is new 2023 team roping pair Dustin Egusquiza and Levi Lord. Canada’s Graham brothers, Dawson and Dillon, are also back to regain their momentum from Denver and win big.

Dustin EgusquizaLevi Lord
Tyler WadeTravis Graves
Chad MastersTrey Yates
Clint KellerMorgan Jones
Tanner JamesEvan Arnold
Dawson GrahamDillon Graham
Brenten HallPaden Bray
Clay TryanJade Corkill


Young gun Statler Wright has drawn Bailey Pro Rodeo’s Ripcord. He will have the inside scoop on the horse from CoBurn Bradshaw who covered the horse for 85 points in Houston last year. Chase Brooks will get on Bailey Pro Rodeo’s James Bond. Brooks has ridden this horse before for 89 points.

Chase Brooks
Jake Watson
Statler Wright
Tanner Butner
Houston Brown
Stetson Wright
Wyatt Casper
Ben Andersen


Joel Harris grew to be a quick fan favorite this season and the No. 10 calf roper is making his first appearance at RodeoHouston. Kincade Henry is another young gun out tonight and he has had success in Houston before as he shut the clock off at 7.6 and 7.8 in his Super Series last year.

Kincade Henry
Joel Harris
Matt Shiozawa
Chance Thiessen
Ryan Thibodeaux
Zack Jongbloed
Westyn Hughes
Sterling Smith


Fort Worth Champion Cheyanne Guillory is among the eight breakaway ropers out the next three nights along with Amanda Coleman, who finished third at RodeoHouston in 2022 and earned $10,000.

Amber Crawford
Taylor Munsell
Tibba Smith
Cheyanne Guillory
Amanda Coleman
Cadee Williams
Josey Murphy
Tacy Webb


Lisa Lockhart and Hailey Kinsel tied to finish second in the Wildcard Round of San Antonio and the two are out again in Super Series II. Katie Pascoe and Tarryn Lee as well as Shannon McReynold could be considered the underdogs of this Super Series but they can never be counted out.

Katie Pascoe
Leslie Smalygo
Lisa Lockhart
Shelley Morgan
Michelle Darling
Hailey Kinsel
Shannon McReynolds
Tarryn Lees


Creek Young has matched up with Cervi Championship Rodeo’s Alpine Fertilizer who is 3-for-3 in taking cowboys to the pay window in 2023. Tristen Hutchings has drawn Bailey Pro Rodeo’s Iceman who Chance Schott rode for the Round win two nights ago.

Creek Young
Tyler Taylor
Dawson Gleaves
Connor Murnion
Brody Yeary
Tristen Hutchings
Ky Hamilton
Trevor Reiste

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