Redding Rodeo: Performance 1 Winning Rides and Runs

The PRCA Playoff Series returns to California for the third time since April 25

Redding P1 WRR.png

The top performers in the first night of the Redding Rodeo featured a reigning World Champion, but no athletes currently in the Top 15.

No. 30 Jayco Roper, 87 Points on Bridwell Pro Rodeo’s No Tail Dell

Unranked Levi Rudd, 4.3 Seconds

No. 22 Trevor Hale, 7.7 Seconds

No. 16 Zeke Thurston, 87.5 Points on Bridwell Pro Rodeo’s Momma’s Boy

Unranked Daniel Green/Unranked Elijah Green, 5.0 Seconds

Unranked Kase Hitt, 78 Points on Bridwell Pro Rodeo’s Grandpa Munster

No. 65 Lexie Goss, 17.64 Seconds