PRCA Tie-Down Roping Standings Update: The Bubble Race is On for Kincade Henry

Kincade Henry_FWSSR_1280

James Phifer

Shad Mayfield and John Douch have sat at the Top of the PRCA World Standings for most of the season while multi-time National Finals Rodeo qualifiers Shane Hanchey, Marty Yates and Cory Solomon have secured their trip to Las Vegas. Now it is all eyes on the bubble.

14. Macon Murphy, $105,793

Murphy is gunning for his first trip to the Thomas and Mack and with his current position, it is absolutely a possibility. Every dollar counts in this race and Murphy pulled a sixth-place check from Round 1 of the New Mexico State Fair before he added a second-place check as well.

15. Kincade Henry, $100,231

Henry is familiar with the bubble race as he finished No. 18 in the world in 2021. This year, he is inside the Top 15 going into the final week of the season by around $1,000. He too had success in Albuquerque, pulling checks in both rounds but he needs a strong finish this week to hold his place.

16. Cooper Martin, $99,318

Martin is hungry for a fourth NFR and it shows in his performance during this last month of the season. He won the first round of the New Mexico State Fair before winning Round 2 of Pendleton and the Lion’s Dixie Roundup in Utah. In total, Martin added around $10,000 to his earnings and is now within reach of that No. 15 spot.

World RankNameMoney Earned
1.Shad Mayfield$203,508
2.John Douch$163,292
3.Haven Meged$156,027
4.Caleb Smidt$146,648
5.Shane Hanchey$131,217
6.Zack Jongbloed$125,251
7.Tuf Cooper$124,381
8.Marty Yates$121,102
9.Tyler Milligan$118,707
10.Cory Solomon$118,551
11.Riley Webb$115,207
12.Hunter Herrin$114,770
13.Ty Harris$113,185
14.Macon Murphy$105,793
15.Kincade Henry$100,231
16.Cooper Martin$99,318
17.Taylor Santos$94,439
18.Westyn Hughes$90,317
19.Lane Livingston$82,575
20.Blane Cox$81,521

The race is on. The money earned from Amarillo, Stephenville, Bernardino and the last few rodeos of the year will be what it comes down to in the tie-down roping.

Standings current as of PRCA, September 22, 2022.