PRCA Team Roping (Heeler) Standings Update: Jeremy Buhler Riding Houston Win to Top of Leaderboard

Richard Buhler


No. 1 Jeremy Buhler, $83,252

Buhler earned over half of his money at RodeoHouston where he and his partner, Rhen Richard went 5.5 seconds in the Finals to claim the crown. In total, the pair won more than $56,000 at the rodeo. The duo are coming off of a nice showing in Clovis where the won the Final Round and placed second in the average after going 35.5 seconds on four head.

No. 12 Ross Ashford, $26,498

Last weekend was a big one for Jr. Dees and Ross Ashford. The two took the Clovis Rodeo after 32.2 seconds on four head. The pair won the third round with a 7.4-second run. In total, the pair earned over $9,000 at the rodeo.

1.Jeremy Buhler$83,252
2.Buddy Hawkins$58,523
3.Levi Lord$51,049
4.Justin Davis$44,266
5.Junior Nogueira$41,453
6.Cole Curry$38,157
7.Wesley Thorp$35,750
8.Billie Jack Saebens$35,088
9.L.J. Yeahquo$31,490
10.Patrick Smith$29,559
11.Hunter Koch$26,912
12.Ross Ashford$26,498
13.Paden Bray$26,428
14.Corey Hendrick$26,094
15.Trey Yates$25,246
16.Caleb Hendrix$24,899
17.Jonathan Torres$23,699
18.Brady Minor$22,613
19.Sid Sporer$22,560
20.Tyler Worley$22,361