PRCA Steer Wrestling World Standings Update: Bridger Anderson Shines on the West Coast

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The steer wrestling on the West Coast has been impressive from veterans to rookies. The clock has been stopping quick and certain cowboys have continued to add big money to their 2023 season earnings and make moves in the PRCA World Standings.

No. 1 Dalton Massey, $93,763

Massey’s California run started with a $2,200 for 4.4-second run that won him a Go-Round at the Red Bluff Round-Up. From there, he continued to pick up checks from the Clovis Rodeo. After being out of the money in the first two rounds, Round 3 turned it around when a 5.3-second run tied him for fourth and $1,416. He was just out of the money in the Finals, but picked up an Average check in Clovis as well.

No. 9 Bridger Anderson, $34,288

Anderson has been loving the West Coast run this season. He picked up a huge win at the Red Buff Round-Up after placing in all three Go-Rounds and the Finals. His fastest run in Red Bluff came in Round 3 at 3.8 seconds. This win added over $7,500 to Anderson’s 2023 earnings. From there, he placed in the Finals and Average at Clovis Rodeo before finishing second at Lakeside Rodeo and first at Gold County Pro Rodeo.

No. 12 Cash Robb, $30,667

Robb has left no doubt that he is a rookie to watch. He leads the Resistol Rookie standings and is climbing the World Standings quickly. This time, his money came from Clovis, California and Fort Worth, Texas. A 4.8-second run won him $2,605 and Round 1 of Clovis Rodeo. He then headed to the Resistol Rookie Roundup where he won Round 1, finished second in the Semifinals and won the Finals to win it all.

No. 19 Gavin Soileau, $23,116

After picking up a small check in Nevada, Soileau went on to Clovis, where he won the third Go-Round with a quick 4.5-second run. This run proved to be worth $2,605, but he finished just outside of the money for the Average. Soileau remained consistent in California as he threw down at 4.2 in Auburn at the Gold County Pro Rodeo to finish second and claim another $1,500.

Here is a look at you Top 20 steer wrestlers in the PRCA World Standings.

World RankNameEarnings
1.Dalton Massey$93,763
2.Jesse Brown$66,954
3.Will Lummus$49,368
4.Ty Erickson$47,065
5.Tyler Waguespack$45,589
6.Jacob Talley$45,077
7.Cody Devers$38,139
8.Tucker Allen$36,795
9.Bridger Anderson$34,288
10.Stan Branco$33,905
11.Kyle Irwin$30,990
12.Cash Robb$30,667
13.Stephen Culling$30,171
14.Joshua Hefner$26,996
15.Eli Lord$26,862
16.Stockton Graves$25,777
17.Nick Guy$25,493
18.Cameron Morman$24,109
19.Gavin Soileau$23,116
20.JD Struxness$23,032

Standings via are current as of 11 AM ET on May 3.