PRCA Makes Changes to Crossfire Rule

Consistently one of the most controversial calls in ProRodeo, the crossfire rule is getting a facelift.

The previous crossfire rule stated “the direction of the steer’s body must changed before the heel loop can be thrown. However, if the steer stops, it must only be moving forward for the heel loop to be legal. Any heel loop thrown before the completion of the initial switch will be considered a crossfire and no time will be recorded.”

Under the new rule, the heel loop cannot come in contact with the steer’s legs until both of the following happen - the header has control of the steer’s head and the steer’s hips have changed. Even if the steer stops, slows down or drifts toward the header, the two above directives must still be observed.

The key distinction between the two rules is that previously you could not throw your loop at all until the steer’s body changes direction, now the call will be made based on when the loop makes contact with the steer.