PRCA Gives Updates on Athletes Injured During 2022 NFR

Orin Larsen_1280


The NFR is one of the most grueling stretches in any sport and often times there are a handful of athletes who leave with injuries. 2022 was no different.

The PRCA released an update on several cowboys who were injured during the Finals.

Bull Rider Reid Oftedahl was injured in Round 2 and was admitted to the ICU at UMC Trauma Center. He was diagnosed with a Grade 3 Diffuse Axonal Injury and a C7 cervical vertebrae fracture.

Oftedahl spent 13 days in the hospital in Las Vegas before being discharged and transported to a rehab facility in Arizona. On Christmas Eve, Oftedahl was released from the rehab facility and spent the holidays with his family.

He has now started outpatient therapy at a rehab facility where he will continue to work towards his recovery for several weeks.

Orin Larsen missed the final six rounds of the NFR after breaking his right thumb during his Round 3 ride.

Larsen told the PRCA that the injury required surgery to repair, which took place days after the NFR. His recovery is expected to take a few months, and Larsen is hoping to return to riding in the spring.

Bull Rider JR Stratford broke his left ankle in Round 4. He also broke his tibia and fibula. Stratford was also dealing with a torn labrum in his shoulder, which happened before his appearance at the NFR.

Stratford has a few more weeks in a walking boot and is hoping to get surgery done on his shoulder this winter.