PRCA Bull Riding Standings Update: Tristen Hutchings and Jared Parsonage Look Towards Las Vegas

Tristen Hutchings_Pendleton_1280

Jackie Jensen

The race in the bull riding has been exciting to watch. Stetson Wright has held on tight to the No. 1 position all year long while Josh Frost, Jeff Askey and Garrett Smith have had outstanding performances and Maverick Potter’s Xtreme Bulls Finale win moved him up to complete the Top 5.

7. Tristen Hutchings, $114,902

Hutchings has had a breakout season. An 86.5-point ride in Round 1 of the Xtreme Bulls Finale and an 85 in Round 3 added over $4,500 to his season earnings and he didn’t stop there. He snagged a piece of the pie at the Pendleton Round-Up with an 87.5 in the Long Round before he went on to place in St. George, Utah. In the past two weeks, Hutchings has added over $13,000 to his earnings and cinched his first trip to the National Finals Rodeo.

8. Jared Parsonage, $109,968

Parsonage was on the bubble going into last week and he now sits within the Top 10. An 85-point win on Rafter H Rodeo’s Kill the Lights at the New Mexico State Fair and Rodeo got the Canadian bull rider almost $5,000. He is also looking at his first ever trip to Las Vegas come December.

15. Lukasey Morris, $97,224

As a rookie, Morris is leading the Resistol Rookie race and he needed a win going into the last week of the season. Those checks came as he locked in two third place finishes. One came at the New Mexico State Fair and Rodeo for over $2,000 and the other came from the Extreme Seminole Showdown for another $2,200.

World RankNameMoney Earned
1.Stetson Wright$309,699
2.Josh Frost$225,759
3.Jeff Askey$179,239
4.Garrett Smith$141,533
5.Maverick Potter$116,064
6.Sage Kimzey$115,633
7.Tristen Hutchings$114,902
8.Jared Parsonage$109,968
9.Ky Hamilton$109,799
10.Trevor Kastner$108,333
11.Trey Holston$107,086
12.Trey Kimzey$106,654
13.JR Stratford$101,754
14.Creek Young$100,670
15.Lukasey Morris$97,637
16.Reid Oftedahl$92,224
17.Cole Fischer$90,287
18.Hayes Weight$86,559
19.Shane Proctor$83,665
20.Brady Portenier$79,030

Reid Oftedahl and Cole Fischer are hot on the trails of that No. 15 spot with some big checks left to be won over this next week. The race is on to see who will make up the Top 15 as we round out the 2022 season.

Standings current as of PRCA, September 21, 2022.